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When it comes to the latest technology – like Blu-Ray players, HDTV and Apple iPad – men have a tendency to be “early adopters”.  This means they generally want to be the first on their block with the latest gadget or toy.  So it came as no surprise to jewelry designers when men readily accepted the concept of men’s titanium wedding rings and jumped on board with the trend.

While the purchase of a wedding ring may not be quite as exciting as a new smart phone or flat-screen TV, research shows that men are more likely to accept a new product when it offers something better than the old one.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the meteoric rise of men’s titanium wedding rings.  In this case, the “old” product is a traditional gold band and the new one is titanium, a space-age metal that has recently entered the marketplace.  Gold is still an attractive choice for men with more conservative tastes, of course, but the early adopters are ready for something new.

You may be thinking to yourself, “titanium is not new,” and you would be right about that, since it has been used for decades to make airplane propellers and human prosthetic joints, but it is relatively new as a jewelry metal.  It has joined other industrial metals, like tungsten and stainless steel, to become one of the hottest new jewelry materials for fashion rings and wedding bands.

So why are so many men choosing titanium over gold and other metals?

For the most part, men choose rings made from a titanium alloy because it’s so much stronger than traditional metals.  Known as the element “Ti” on the periodic table, titanium offers superb tensile strength, hardness, and durability while being relatively lightweight.  Therefore, when the aircraft grade of this metal is used for men’s titanium wedding bands, it is strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear.  When you consider how much less expensive it is than gold and platinum, it’s no wonder men have gravitated to this extraordinary metal.

Besides being used to make men’s titanium wedding rings, titanium is also a popular choice for fashion rings.  Tension-set diamond rings, where a diamond is mounted in the open circle of a titanium band, are another excellent use of this strong jewelry metal. Titanium can also be paired with other metals, such as a gold inlay, for a unique two-toned look.  Or, it can be anodized with color in electrolyte solutions and made into black titanium rings; a look that is all the rage in contemporary men’s jewelry.

No matter what your reasons for choosing a <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>men’s titanium wedding ring</a>; one thing is certain: it will look terrific for many years to come and it makes the ideal expression of your everlasting love. Not only that, you may be the first on your block to get one!

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When people think of wedding rings, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a woman’s ring; but with so many exciting new metals and interesting designs available, wedding rings for men are capturing a lot more attention.

Men tend to wear very little jewelry, aside from a watch, so their wedding ring may be the only serious piece of jewelry they own. It’s not surprising that men would approach this type of purchase a bit more hesitantly than women, so here are some of the basic things you should know before shopping for wedding rings for men.

First, let’s look at the color of your ring. Just like women’s rings, men’s wedding rings are available in white and yellow metals, including gold, platinum and sterling silver. But thanks to some newer industrial metals, they are also available in some other shades – such as black tungsten.

Next, you will want to check out the selection of non-traditional metals on the market like titanium, palladium, tungsten and stainless steel. These metals tend to be stronger, more durable and far less expensive than gold.

After choosing your metal, take some time to browse the latest styles. Gone are the days when men were happy wearing a simple metal band. Today there are hundreds of designs to choose from, including scrolled, braided, brushed finish, hammered, two-toned and grooved.

As for size, unless you have very large hands you should stick with a ring that is no more than 7mm wide. Try to choose a ring that will be comfortable on your hand and won’t pinch. Some rings are available with a rounded edge, known as a “comfort fit”, which is curved on the inside and more comfortable for men who are not accustomed to wearing a ring. Many wedding rings for men can be upgraded with comfort fit.

Speaking of comfort, before you order your ring you may want to have your ring finger professionally sized. This is especially important if you will be ordering a harder metal like titanium or stainless steel since these metals are nearly impossible to resize.

Gone are the days when wedding rings for men had to be plain and boring. Men are now demanding a more exciting selection of rings to celebrate their wedding. Consider some of the more affordable and durable metals on the market, like titanium, sterling silver, tungsten and stainless steel. You will be surprised at the variety of unique and attractive men’s wedding rings  now available in every style and price range.

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In the first place you have to get your ring finger measurement by an expert jeweler, to ensure that you select the wedding ring with the correct size. You have to try out some of them when you go out for shopping.

Then you will need to decide on the type of metal that will be suit your lifestyle and budget. The most precious and popular metals are platinum, yellow gold and white gold. Platinum is the costliest of these options, but will last for a very long time, so if you do a lot of research you might wish to consider spending a some more money on this strong metal. If you like the platinum look of but is not within your reach then white gold can be made to resemble platinum’s rich look.

The most traditional metal chosen for wedding rings is yellow gold, and always remember that the carat stands for the gold’s purity. More gold means higher rate of gold, but also know that a softer ring will be less suitable for the roughness of an active life. Jewelers usually recommend 18 carat of gold, which is considered as a good compromise between practicality and luxury.

When selecting the style of your wedding ring, ttake into account your own personal style. If you are a dashing and a daring person then there are lots of attractive designs available in the market. If you are in the creative field, you may plan to draw a design of your own, and then get it customized through a goldsmith. Having matching rings is still traditionally popular, but you can add your own style to its design, for example both wedding rings may be of same pattern and metal, but the bride could have some additional precious stone or diamonds on it.

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