The best way to express you love and commitment is the antique engagement rings. There are varieties of engagement rings in the market. One of the popular styles in engagement rings is solitaire engagement ring but you have many other options like bridal set engagement rings, three stone engagement rings and many others. Presenting diamond engagement rings to your women whom you love and care is the traditional but the most romantic way to make your proposal.

In this article you will find the different types of antique engagement rings and expensive engagement rings.

Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are the most popular among all the engagement rings. It is considered as a symbol of love. The price of diamond engagement ring depends on its color, cut, carat and clarity. By having the knowledge of these four factors you can determine the value of diamond also. The price of ring also depends on the type of side stones used in your engagement ring.

Antique engagement rings

Antique engagement rings are classic and unique engagement rings. And generally women love these beautiful rings. The best thing of these rings is that they are less costly as compare to diamond engagement rings. There are varieties of antique rings which represent eras. Victorian antique engagement rings are classic rings and are set in yellow gold. You can also have Edwardian antique engagement rings with sapphires in platinum or rose cut diamonds. Another popular ring is Art Deco antique rings which are made of fancy colorful stones and gems.

White gold engagement rings

White gold engagement ring is made by adding different metals to pure gold. It is very popular and is harder and durable as compare to traditional gold. Another reason of its popularity is that it matches costumes in different colors. Diamond ring stud in white gold is popular among every woman and suit the personality of every age of woman. You can find the ring in different shape but always remember that round cut is very expensive as compare to other cuts as it is difficult to cut.

Platinum engagement rings

Platinum engagement rings are very expensive as they are the most precious metal. These rings are used from many centuries and are still very popular among the loved ones. It has a luster of its own and compliment perfectly any gem.  You can buy solitaire diamond engagement ring set in platinum because it looks beautiful and your beloved will also love to wear it.

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