Diamond rings come in huge variety and designs. There are diamond rings that come with different cuts for e.g.  a princess cut design which is more or less like a square i.e. it has a square shape with diamonds studded on it. Similarly we have the Emerald cut, cushion cut etc. Diamond rings can come in different shapes. Diamond rings can have round diamonds on them. They can possess oval diamonds. Diamond rings can come with pear shaped diamonds that resemble a drop of water for instance. One can also buy rings that have heart shaped diamond on them.  These are classic and traditional ones with different shapes in the centre.

One can also go for designer rings. These are diamond rings with cuts on both ends with one or two diamonds connecting them along with gemstones carved in various shapes and sizes. One can get diamond rings with gemstones and diamonds placed alternatively.  Diamond rings should be bought from shops that have certified diamonds to ensure fool-proof purchase and good quality.  Diamonds do come in various colours. For eg. There are rings with blue diamond and white diamond studded in them. There are diamond rings with gold and silver designs having curves on either side to give them the grand look.  One can buy ruby diamond rings with rubies and diamonds embellished together to make it look beautiful.  There are diamond rings with a bouquet of flowers, the shape of two dolphins, a bunch of leaves  made on them along with little diamonds filled in the designs to add to their decoration.There are vivid diamond ring settings that give that stylish look to the ring. One can go for the prong setting that is used to hold a solitaire. The bezel setting is used to wrap a precious metal around the diamond. The channel setting in the diamond ring is used for round diamonds. The Pave setting in the diamond ring has tiny diamonds in it. A diamond ring with bead setting has diamonds placed slightly apart from each other.  Similarly there are many settings for diamond rings that give the diamond ring its unique style embellished with diamond.  Irrespective of its setting, colour, style, a diamond ring is an ideal gift and does not necessarily need a reason to be gifted.

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